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Beckstoffer To Kalon Vineyard
Napa Valley

Pioneering vintner H.W. Crabb first planted his vineyard in the mid-19th century. Well-regarded for its superlative fruit, he named it To Kalon, Greek for 'highest good'. In the 20th century, To Kalon found new glory as the source of the legendary Georges de Latour wines made by Andre Tchelistcheff. The sections we farm are specified by not just the block or row, but by the vine.

Clones 6, 377, 4

Planted 1994

Owner/Manager Andy Beckstoffer

Site Flat topography with a north south exposure

Soil Well-drained, lightly colored gravelly soils with high mineral, low organic content, situated on the Oakville bench

Climate Oakville is sun-filled and warm by day, and cooled in the late afternoon by Pacific breezes coming in over the Mayacamas Mountains.