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Stagecoach Vineyard
Napa Valley

First planted in the 1860’s, Stagecoach Vineyard was forced into dormancy during prohibition until it was rediscovered a hundred years later. Situated atop the eastern slopes of the Napa Valley, this is our highest elevation cabernet sauvignon vineyard.

Clones 337,7, weimer selection

Planted 1997: L-4; 1999, 1998 and 2000 for the other blocks

Owner/Manager Jan Krupp

Site Mountaintop; southwest exposure

Soil Rocky, red volcanic, clay-loam soils

Climate Stagecoach vineyard is located high above the Napa Valley on the west-facing slopes of the Vaca Mountains near Atlas Peak. Its altitude, above the fog line most of the time, allows for a warm, dry climate. Well-drained volcanic soils quickly cool in the afternoon however, allowing fruit grown here to maintain good acidity.